Case Studies

Karen S. Canady

  • Developed and prosecuted a portfolio of lentiviral gene delivery patents and applications that was sold by the client for $12 million
  • Evaluated a portfolio of antisense molecules to help a client close a deal involving a $45 million upfront licensing fee and the potential for over $230 million in milestone payments
  • Successfully took over struggling portfolios and obtained patents for cases stuck in years of fruitless prosecution
  • Developing and prosecuting a portfolio for herpes vaccines (14 issued US patents, 10 pending US applications, 26 foreign patents & applications) for a university, while coordinating with varying co-owners and licensees

Suzannah K. Sundby

  • Drafted and prosecuted patents protecting a vaccine against a potent toxin that has been successfully tested in humans and is currently undergoing human clinical trials
  • Drafted and prosecuted patents and applications relating to therapeutic peptides which resulted in the licensee raising $28 million in Series A financing
  • Negotiated a multimillion dollar agreement between a small client company specializing in orphan drugs and a large European pharmaceutical company
  • Took over responsibility of the entire IP portfolio for a small pharmaceutical company that is conducting clinical trials on the patented products, and performed due diligence on several patent families covering FDA approved products that were licensed in by the company

Laurence J. Hyman

  • Took over responsibility of a portfolio of 28 university-owned patent applications relating to the preservation of a variety of cell types, and reduced costs and increased the potential for future patent protection by merging most of the applications into consolidated PCT applications and coordinating claims of applications already entered into national stage
  • Drafted and prosecuted applications on antibodies that were licensed and brought into clinical development by pharmaceutical companies
  • Drafted and prosecuted applications on uses of enzyme inhibitors that were licensed and brought into clinical development by a pharmaceutical company