Bradley K. Lortz is a founding partner of Canady + Lortz LLP.

Brad Lortz
Mr. Lortz has lived in Southern California since beginning an undergraduate engineering program at Loyola Marymount University in 1984.  Prior to graduation, he began working at Hughes Space and Communications (HSC) where he spent his entire technical career in the design, development, and production of satellites.  After completing his law degree at the University of Southern California, while maintaining a working relationship with Hughes as a contract engineer, Mr. Lortz was granted the opportunity to learn patent prosecution in the Hughes Corporate Legal Department.  With the subsequent sale of HSC to Boeing, Mr. Lortz continued his practical education in intellectual property and patent prosecution at a small Los Angeles firm where he acquired a solid grounding in the essential processes and strategies for securing and evaluating patent rights.  Following this, he established his own practice as a partner with Patent Venture Group out of which Origin Law was founded and later merged with Karen Canady’s practice to become Canady + Lortz LLP.

Mr. Lortz has over fifteen years of intellectual property law experience emphasizing patent prosecution and seven years of spacecraft design and development experience on various government and commercial programs.


  • University of Southern California, JD
  • Loyola Marymount University, BSME (Magna Cum Laude)
  • University of California Los Angeles, MSME coursework completed, manufacturing emphasis


  • California Bar
  • United States District Court for the Central District of California
  • United States Patent & Trademark Office

Professional Associations

  • Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association

Representative Patents

US 8,951,278  Post carrier for body piercing instrument
US 8,928,036  High operating temperature barrier infrared detector with tailorable cutoff wavelength
US 8,870,121  Actuating device
US 8,804,309  Low temperature double-layer capacitors using asymmetric and spiro-type quaternary ammonium salts
US 8,791,353  Alumina paste sublimation suppression barrier for thermoelectric device
US 8,054,092  Corrosion detecting structural health sensor
US 8,040,243  RFID-based corrosion and moisture detection
US 7,955,349  Body piercing instrument
US 7,948,443  Structural feed aperture for space based phased array antennas
US 7,941,404  Coordinated federated backup of a distributed application environment
US 7,931,237  Universal launch vehicle payload adapter
US 7,922,124  Power optimized system for electric propulsion stationkeeping geosynchronous spacecraft
US 7,917,705  Scalable performance-based volume allocation in large storage controller collections
US 7,871,042  Hydrogen fueled blended wing body ring tank
US 7,836,765  Disc resonator integral inertial measurement unit
US 7,809,915  Handling multi-rank pools and varying degrees of control in volume allocation on storage controllers
US 7,793,541  Planar resonator gyroscope central die attachment
US 7,773,205  High-resolution three-dimensional imaging radar
US 7,765,519  Efficient builds for installation software
US 7,725,555  Detecting missing elements in a storage area network with multiple sources of information
US 7,716,433  Dynamically determining and managing a set of target volumes for snapshot operation
US 7,647,527  Apparatus and method for collecting and displaying data for remote diagnostics
US 7,644,891  Spacecraft low tumble linear release system
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US 7,285,844  Multiple Internal Seal Right Micro-electro-mechanical System Vacuum Package
US 7,275,059  Methods and Apparatus For High-Speed Access To and Sharing of Storage Devices On a Networked Digital Data Processing System
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