At C+L, intellectual property is our area of legal expertise.  We stay focused on what we know best, and limit our services to acquiring and evaluating intellectual property rights for our clients.  This allows us to provide our clients with efficiency, quality, and personalized attention.  Perhaps these are some of the reasons why C+L’s attorneys have been outside patent counsel for companies and universities across the country. For example, members of the firm have been selected over the years as patent counsel for universities including the University of California, California Institute of Technology, the University of Washington, the University of Rochester, Tulane University, the University of North Texas System, and San Francisco State University.

We combine well-developed backgrounds in biotechnology and engineering science with quality legal training and experience to bring the best to our clients.  Our clients know they can count on working with attorneys who understand their technology and who can provide a carefully crafted legal strategy.

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience with a wide range of technical experience, including biologics (particularly antibody- and cytokine-based targeted therapeutics), protein chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, RNA interference, immunology, human and animal vaccines, plant biology, agricultural methods and compositions, transgenic plants and bacteria, biofuels, personalized medicine, enzymology, nanotechnology, stem cells, recombinant DNA technology,  gene therapy, therapeutic methods, diagnostic assays, and medical devices.  The firm also has expertise in electrical and electronic circuitry, software, computer graphics, network and Internet technology, computer devices, MEMS and semiconductor devices and fabrication, telecommunications, satellite and other aerospace systems, Raman spectroscopy, and electrochemical sensors.

The best service is provided with full understanding of the technology and business of clients and their objectives.  This requires more than a superficial review of facts and a boiler plate response.  We develop long term relationships with our clients.  We recognize that each of our clients is unique and we ensure each client receives personal service in the management of their individual intellectual property portfolios.

C+L provides high value service without the overhead costs of larger firms.  Our clients interact directly with experienced attorneys, who do not delegate the work to trainees.  Automated systems afford us the ability to direct our attention to the substantive work and to accommodate the need for a quick turn-around when the unexpected arises.  Thus, C+L can manage your entire intellectual property portfolio at competitive fees without compromising on quality service.